My Altitude Experience at the Border of Bolivia

La Quiaca - Bus Station

We were on a bus to go to La Quiaca to cross the border from Argentina into Bolivia and see the Uyuni salt flats. I was in the seat behind my brother and Mom and Dad

“Mama I think I have car sick,” I said “how much more time is it going to be.”

“in 20 minutes,” said my mom.

“Maybe it’s the altitude” Said my dad. “look out the window its awesome”

So I did.

La Quiaca - Painted Hills
out the window

A few minute’s after we got of the bus I felt super bad I could barely see anything because there were black spots in my eyes. We went to find a place for me to sit down.

Then a bit later a women came and said that there was a pharmacy that sold pill for the altitude. So my mom went to check it out but when she came back She said that the pills were only for adults.

“Oliver we have food,” said my mom “how do you feel.”

When I ate a bite of the food it tasted bad. Then we went to the hospital so I could get some oxygen. After I got oxygen I felt way better but only for 10 minutes. Then we went to the border to go to the salt flats. Unfortunately we needed a visa to cross the border and to get the visa was a big process. So we needed to find a place to stay for the night so we could get it figured out. Most of the hotels were either closed or full because of carnaval a carnival before lent.

Thankfully there was one hotel that was open so we stayed there. But when we arrived I threw up.

La Quiaca - Hotel Frontera
our hotel is the orange building

I decided that I would take a nap and maybe feel better. When I woke up I heard my mom and dad saying swear words. I was confused. Why were they saying swear words?

Three More Days in La Quiaca

The same night that we arrived at La Quiaca my mom decided that we probably were going to stay in the hotel for about two more days.

The next morning we went down to a place in the hotel that they served breakfast.

La Quiaca - Hotel Restaurant Breakfast

At lunch we didn’t eat at the hotel because the food wasn’t the best so we went to a different restaurant. So we walked to the restaurant I felt better so I walked to.

Us walking to a restaurant

When we were done I felt like throwing up so my dad had to carry me. At night there was a band that walked by us it was loud.

La Quiaca - Carnanval Parade

A day after that, we finally crossed the border. Next stop Sucre.

  • Oliver

    At ten years old, Oliver is the youngest writer on our blog. He is a Lego enthusiast and animal whisperer.


At ten years old, Oliver is the youngest writer on our blog. He is a Lego enthusiast and animal whisperer.

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