About Us and Slow Camino

About us

Waiting at a bus stop in rural Chile.

Matt and Liuan travel with three young rambunctious boys. People ask us all the time, how do we do it? What it’s like day to day and how we get overcome logistical challenges is partly what this blog is about.

We call the Chicago suburbs home, but we are currently living somewhere in South America. The precise location changes every couple weeks.

Liuan views our year abroad as an opportunity to explore sustainable living and different styles of community environmental action. She is a journalist and author.

Matt is pursuing various hobbies that he had little time for back home: becoming more fluent in Spanish, learning Portuguese, improving his culinary skills and writing for this blog. He has a career in software development and civil engineer.

Our family considers travel to be more than sightseeing. For us, it is a way to grow personally and spiritually. We enjoy opportunities to go deep into a community and make lasting friendships across cultural and language boundaries. That’s why you won’t find us ping-ponging around the globe during our gap year. We prefer to travel slow.

Our whole family at the southern tip of South America.

About this blog

This blog was founded primarily as a creative outlet. It offers us a platform to share our travel experiences and help others that may be looking for information about family or long term travel. We hope to provide interesting and informative articles that light up your inner nomad’s heart.

We have benefited so much from other travel bloggers, to whom we owe a great debt for all the critical information we’ve gained. This blog is an attempt to “pay it forward”.

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