Ridiculous Short Stories From a Farm in Bolivia

Oliver, our nine-year old boy, recounts in his own words some of his funniest experiences during our two-week permaculture farm stay in Bolivia.

We stayed at a farm in Bolivia. While we were at the farm many funny and frustrating things happened. In this post I will tell you some of the things that happened.

1. Tastes Weird – PART 1

Tonight is pizza night and my mom is making banana bread.
“I need flour,” says my mom.

”Ok here, use this,” say our host. Then she hands my mom some white powdery stuff.

And when my mom is done making the batter…

“The batter tastes weird,” says my mom.

“It tastes like baking powder,” says my dad.

It turns out that our host gave my mom baking powder not flour so they take out some of the batter and put it in a container. Then they put more real flour and water. Read the rest to find out what happens next.

2. What’s in my sock?

Just so you know, there were a lot of big spiders at the farm.

Our host gave my brother Finley a coin today and my brother hid it in his sock so Miles my little brother didn’t get the coin. Later that night when Finley was taking off his sock he felt something heavy.

“AHHHH!!!” screamed Finley while he was waving his leg frantically.

“What’s wrong! What’s wrong,” my parents said.

“A spider! A Spiderrrrrrr,” said Finley crying.

“Oh it’s just a coin,” said Finley relieved. And now we always joke about the spider coin.

3. Jumping expanders

Expanders are something to expand Finley’s mouth.

We were walking back to the farm and a dog bit my dad.

“What the [swear word]!” said my dad.

Me, Finley and Miles and my mom ran.

“AHHH!” said Finley .

While he was screaming his expanders flew out of his mouth. When we stopped running Finley said that he did not have his expanders. My dad had to walk back to where the expanders fell out and risk getting bit again.

The dog that bit my dad.

4. Tastes Awful – PART 2

The morning after the bad tasting batter my dad made pancakes.

“Use this,” said our host. She gave my dad a container full of sticky stuff, then my dad put the sticky stuff in the pancake batter and then started baking.

When my dad tried one of the pancakes he said “tastes awful.”

It turns out that he used the bad batter that my mom took out of her batter. So my dad took all of the batter and put it in the compost. Later that morning the dogs at the farm were choking on something.

“I think they ate the batter,” said my dad.

And he was right.

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    At ten years old, Oliver is the youngest writer on our blog. He is a Lego enthusiast and animal whisperer.

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At ten years old, Oliver is the youngest writer on our blog. He is a Lego enthusiast and animal whisperer.

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